Woven leather hand bag, not too big, not too heavy; just perfect

by s

I’m not just going to make purses, I promise. I actually want to add a recipe and photos of a wonderful pancake recipe I’ve come up with. Hopefully next week….

The leather used for this bag has absolutely gorgeous texture, I kind of felt bad cutting it into strips. Two different shades of leather woven together to make the perfect brown leather hand bag. Magnetic closure. Wide double straps. Red pin stripe lining. There is also a pocket on the outside front. I love this piece.  Its soft, oh so functional, and will last for years, only looking better with wear. The side seams don’t match up, the leather shifted when constructing it (which by the way, very tedious and time consuming!) You cannot tell it’s flaw when wearing though. Dimensions: about 17 1/2 x 12″. Photographs by Corey DeGuia.