Pausing to give thanks.

by s

This top is by Uye Surana, a New York label designed by Monica Wesley.

Her website:

I won this shirt through a contest with 20besttwenty and Uye Surana. If you liked them both on facebook and followed them on twitter you had a chance to win this shirt. I signed up for a twitter account and “liked” them on facebook. A couple weeks later I was notified that I had won!

Words cannot express the feelings when I opened the package and unfolded this silk, screen printed top.

I want to crawl into a whole. A whole way of being, thinking, creating. I won this shirt and I am so very grateful. It is better than winning money.It feels like another piece to my puzzle of life…..

I’m sending Monica a thank you card. Her work is inspiring and absolutely stunning.

Thank you to Monica. Thank you to all the people who support me and other artists. Thank you to people who support local designers/artists. You might pay a little more; and you also know what you’re holding, wearing, using, carrying, admiring was made with love and a genuine passion for creativity and expression. And that is more powerful than money.