DIY Elbow Patches Project

by s

You know how you run to Target for toilet paper and 2 hours later leave the store with new tights, a new tank and a new blazer as well?!? I always tell myself I have a list of things to get done at home, I’ll just run in and not dilly dally. Well, I walk into Target and see a black and white striped blazer in the girls clothing section. First thing I see. And since I’m petite and the size L girl clothes at Target fit me, I try it on. And it’s dang cute! Since it’s the girls section, everything is cheaper, it’s only $16.99, so I grab it. This makes me think I should ‘quick’ check out the woman’s section. I head straight to the 70% off racks. After I find a tank for $2.97 I decide I need to get back on task, get that toilet paper and get the hell outta here. As I’m walking towards the tp section, I see lingerie out of the corner of my eye. I pop over and see tights on sale. Really cute ones for $4! I justify “its fall, I’ll wear these a lot.”

Thanks for reading that story.

I love elbow patches and want to put them on everything long sleeved I own. I started with the striped blazer. I used black leather from an old ugly jacket I got at the thrift store, (intended purpose was for making wallets/bags. ) It was super easy and fast. Draw and perfect your oval shape. Cut it out of leather. While wearing the jacket/shirt, place the patch at your elbow and pin on. Its sort of awkward, still doable. If you have a roommate/friend that helps placing the patches. Open up the sleeve seam enough so you can sew around the patch (unless you want to hand sew it on) The seam on my jacket was surged, no fancy top stitching or flat felled seam, so it was easy (lucky.) Ha! Stitch around, then close the seam. Use denim, plaid, corduroy, floral, contrasting thread…..Its a fun way to personalize a Target purchase ; )jacket