Upcycled High Waist Shorts

by s

Using the pattern I drafted in class last semester

Using the pattern I drafted in class last semester

I wanted a pair of shorts to go under summer dresses, and love the look of high waist shorts. These are super comfortable and sassy under a slightly sheer sun dress I have. I started with a pair of XL polka dot jersey pants I found at the thrift store. I used the pants pattern I drafted in my “pattern 1” class. I adjusted the measurements a bit allowing for stretch, surged ’em up, added elastic to the waist, and attempted adding ruffles around the legs. They weren’t as ruffled as I wanted, so I’ll try that next time. I’ve got two more in the making, made out of different polka dot jersey left over from a previous class project. These are perfect for pajamas, wearing under dresses, or if you’re feeling brave and a little scandalous, worn with a tucked in tank, out in public, on their own! For fall, pleather tights and boots!