My Review: Black Hearts Ball 2015

by s

Can I review a show I participated in?! I’m doin’ it.

Each mini collection was inspired by a Nobel prize category. The designer had to interpret her category, decide what that meant to her, and design a collection from that interpretation. Each collection is a mini work of art to be studied, and thought deeply about like you would a painting or sculpture. How does each piece relate in context to the Nobel prize category? The collection as a whole? How is color used? Form, texture? The choreography of the models? The styling, hair, and makeup; how was that used to help convey the idea of peace, or economics, or chemistry?

Peace: Emma Holcomb of Mai

I thought the first collection was the perfect start to the show. Emma’s garments were hand dyed in natural dyes (wine, tumeric, and red cabbage!) They gave a sense of simplicity and calm. I loved that the models “namaste’ed” the audience in their last pose. The music was perfect, the body language of the models, and their yoga poses, the styling of the garments; her Nobel prize category was Peace and I think she pulled it off beautifully. It invited the viewers to sit back, relax, and enjoy. My favorite look is the yellow-green leggings with stitching at the knee and raw edged asymmetrical top. Look for her yoga wear here:


Economic Sciences: Emrys Mariel

How do you create a collection with economics in mind? Ask Emrys. This is from her artist statement included in the BHB program.                    “A diversity of tactics were embraced for this collection including hand weaving, wildcrafting, dumpster-diving, gifting, recycling, deconstructing, spinning, and embroidery stories; working collaboratively to develop ideas. Biodiversity and cultural diversity are the irreplaceable inheritance of our human family, let us pass this wealth on to future generations.” I thought her pieces were well executed, layered, and thoughtfully put together from head to toe. The cargo pocket shorts and the knit cardigan are so Minnesota and wearable and lovely! Contact her at:


Chemistry: Claire Ward

I like to look at art before reading the artist’s description, then read the description, then look at the piece again! It usually changes what I see. I usually cheat and just look at the statement too…….. Seeing this collection for the first time, I noticed the spring, watercolor-like print, the gorgeous, exotic look of the models, and the technicality of patterning and style lines. After reading the artist statement, I will conclude those godets are crystal forms, and the diamond shapes on the bodice are to resemble crystal structures. I loved the two bodices and the apple blossom inspiration! The soft palette reminds me of spring. A bright and uplifting collection! Find her at

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Physics: Sarah Patros of Jagress Intimates

A lingerie bridal collection. And the inspiration is physics. Makes total sense! The physics and metaphysics behind falling in love and being in love and staying in love; marriage, together forever…. Opposites attract, and also, like attracts like. In relationships, how do we make it work? Why are some people drawn to each other and others are not? A quote from Sarah’s artist statement that I think sums up her collection, “Your smile makes visible matter, matter.” I loved the horsehair(?) bows on the bra and panties, and though they do not make functional sense, (and most adornments on intimate apparel do not!) I appreciate the stiffness and texture of them compared to the soft, sensual lace. The styling and accessories were stunning. And FABULOUS job models! Girls rocked it. Find more at

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Physiology: Adrienne Yancy of ArielSimone

Physiology looks at living mechanisms, from the molecular basis of cell function to the whole integrated behavior of the entire body. (Thank you Google for that definition) Adrienne interpreted the phenomenon of when a virus takes over the body through three bridal themed looks. I like that she chose a bridal theme and the color white for the “virus,” – also, that she used soft, delicate petals to portray the virus. As each model came out, you see the “virus” grow from look to look. The hair and makeup really emphasized the virus element. Go team! My favorite look was the white dress. I loved the sillouette and proportions of the design and loved how she styled that look. Find Adrienne at

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Literature: Stacie Yokiel of Kozol

I will write a whole blog piece on my own collection later ; ) Here’s a photo though!


Nobel Prize: Danielle Everine

Danielle’s collection is inspired by the Nobel Prize itself. She researched the history of the prize and the man who established it. Her cohesive collection gives tribute to traditional Swedish wear as well as the techniques used to create and adorn it. Rosemaling, embroidery, weaving, leather, and wool. I love how she included the physical gold prize itself in her collection. Each look, with its many layers (an absolute necessity in Minnesota) is executed with the detail and quality craftsmanship that is Danielle’s signature. My personal fave: The rosemale inspired printed silk blouse with suspendered wool/leather skirt/skort(?) and red cape with gold neck tie. Each piece easily a staple in your wardrobe, worn all together, or mixed and matched! And who doesn’t want that beautiful gold neck tie!?


If you did attend the show, thank you, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! If you didn’t get a chance to see it, go to and search Black Hearts Ball. There are tons of photos of attendees, and the collections! I will say more thanks later, here is a start!

Tim+Thom, American Swedish Institute, Spark Letterpress, Rogue models, Caryn, Pompadour Salon, Rhea Pappas Photography, Paul Mitchell, One Car Service, and Rachel Roff for sponsoring and partnering in the event.